G e n t e  S p a  L a s e r  C e n t e r
1601 Clarendon Blvd. Arlington, VA 22209
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Specializing in Laser Hair Removal Since 2001

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About Us

The sole purpose of our business is helping people solve their skin problems.  We understand the concerns of people with common, yet many times, embarrassing skin problems.  Skin problems such as:
  • unwanted facial and body hair
  •  unsightly leg veins
  •  broken blood vessels
  • lose, sagging & sun damaged skin
  • sun spots & freckles
Our promise to you is to give you honest advice and information to allow you to make an educated decision about your cosmetic skin care needs.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us by choosing our office to meet your skin care needs.  We promise to do our very best to live up to that trust.

In the past few years, science has made exciting new advances in laser technology. Gentlelase Center offers the latest methods of treating many skin problems that before now were difficult or impossible to remove.  We provide a full range of comprehensive cosmetic laser and associated skin care services, to offer clients an expanded variety of treatment choices.

The purpose of our group is to provide comprehensive aesthetic skin care for men and women.  Our emphasis will be on establishing a close personal relationship with all of you, for we believe it is in the context of this relationship that we can provide you with the best care. 

Continuity of care and consistent communication are essential to this.  Should you ever require a sub-specialist, we will refer you to a provider of service whom we know and trust.  This will enable us to coordinate your care, ensure continuity, and maximize the benefit to your overall cosmetic skin care.
Our business is based on getting superior results for our clients. 

For this reason we never purchased the less expensive, inferior laser technology others are offering.

We only use what we consider to be the more proven, safest, & effective laser technology.

We depend on referrals from our satisfied clients.  We do not offer a lowest price, cut rate pricing model to get clients in the door, however you will find that our prices are far from the highest.

Our policy is to provide clients with superior results at fair and reasonable prices.  You will never be pressured to buy services or products that are not right for your individual needs.

The Gentlelase Center is a part of Youri Salon which has been in business for over 15 years providing the best hair, skin, and nail services in Washington D.C.