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GentleMax Review

Taken From "Cosmetic Surgery Today" . . . Candela’s GentleMAX Laser Hair Removal Device

Those who are looking for a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair, GentleMAX laser hair removal device from Candela is one of the best and most trusted in the market today. Because Candela has successfully combine the two lasers, it can now treat virtually everyone, with no protocol for varying hair color or skin tone.

With the use of two lasers, GentleMAX now has a wider range of treatment when it comes to both skin conditions and hair removal necessities.

GentleMAX is not only good for removing unwanted hair permanently—it also has features that allow treatment for simple skin conditions to rejuvenate yourself. Get more than just a laser hair removal procedure with GentleMAX’s advance technology, because now you can also include skin tightening and rejuvenation, lesion treatment, and wrinkle reduction. For faster laser hair removal sessions and more efficient results when it comes to treating skin-related conditions, patients trust GentleMAX to do the job, as it can work on vascular lesions and facial and leg veins at the same time.

With the new dual-laser technology, GentleMAX only needs a few hours per session to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently. Because of this advanced technology, hair removal via laser can easily be done in a matter of minutes.

The procedure for GentleMAX is reasonably easy. The hair follicles are destroyed by the light from GentleMAX, which then stumps their growth for good. Additional hair removal sessions are advised to be conducted four to six weeks after the first treatment.

Another advantage to using GentleMAX laser hair removal device from Candela is its cryogenic super-cooling spray. Part of GentleMAX’s functions is to ensure that there will no longer be risks of experiencing unnecessary pain during the procedure.

Some patients also speak well of GentleMAX for producing better results after hair removal systems. Those who have tanned skin or very fine hair no longer have to look far to get good laser hair removal results, because GentleMAX is not restricted by these factors. GentleMAX gets rid of all types of hair on any type of skin tone with great overall results.

With the use of the dual-laser technology, GentleMAX is able to get to the fine hairs that would normally be missed by traditional hair removal equipment.

To minimize the risk of getting hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, Candela has developed one of the most advanced equipment in laser hair removal—the dual-laser GentleMAX with cryogenic super-cooling spray to lessen the pain from the procedure.

Have smooth and silky skin not just on your legs, but also on your underarms, face, back, chest, and bikini line with GentleMAX laser hair removal device from Candela. Say goodbye to unwanted hair forever with GentleMAX, your one-stop laser hair removal procedure that is guaranteed to be safe, effective, and long lasting.